Heavener Runestone State Park
Strange symbols carved into a stone dating as far back as A.D. 600 seem to simply say the Quachita National Forest is haunted. The eight
glyphs are from and Old Norse alphabet known as runes. Cryptographers have come up with a variety of translations, such as: "Earth Spirit's
Dale", "Valley of the Gnome," and Magic to Gloi." Other runestones dating from around AD 1015 have been found in Poteau and Shawnee,
Oklahoma. More evidence of pre-Columbian European visitor so the area has been discovered just across the Oklahoma border in Picture
Canyon, Colorado.

Moneka Mall and Tea Room
A gray wood frame house is haunted by the presence of a robber killed in the dining room. The large house was constructed in 1892 and served
as a Rock Island Railroad boarding house for many years. During that period, a robber broke into the house during suppertime and demanded
everyone's money. The burly railroad men got the upper hand, and the would-be thief died in ensuing struggle. Not wanting to get into trouble
with the authorities, the men loaded the body onto a northbound train, where it was later found by strangers and buried in an unmarked grave.
Today, the robber's specter and other ghosts from the building's colorful past haunt the rooms along the east and north sides, upstairs and
down. The sightings became more frequent when Nancy War remodeled it into an antique shop with a small tea room restaurant.

Nowata County
Nowata Monster
The creatures that live between the Sandstone Hills and the Ozark Plateau in northeastern Oklahoma have terrorized residents for decades. The
hairy, upright walking beasts were first spotted in 1974 in the community of Watova, just outside the town of Nowata. Since then, whole families
of the Bigfoot creatures have been sighted. They range in size from six feet tall and give off a horrible odor. In 1975, the creature clan was
sighted near Noxie. One angered Bigfoot attacked a hunter, and another damaged a pickup truck. The foul smelling animals have been seen by
dozens of witnesses, including hunters, sheriff deputies, and National Guard troops.

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